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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Meet A Poppy........ Renee with Crows Roost Prims

Every month Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace is introducing you to our of our Poppies and this month it is Renee with Crows Roost Prims.

Crows Roost Prims can be seen all over the Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace as well as Etsy, Prims Magazine and ePattern shoppes to name a few. Let’s get to know Renee a little bit closer.

How long have your been in business?  “Crows Roost Prims” has been in business since 2006.  Since then, I’ve been doing this full time.  I am trying to operate as a regular business—Monday thru Friday for orders:  wholesale and retail and then the weekends to make things to sell on a variety of selling places online and a local craft shop.  It doesn’t go as planned most times!

What inspires you to make your creations?  I’m inspired by many things, including family and friends.   I made my youngest nephew and his dog “Hunter & his companion”:  Spencer & Legacy Church, that were published in Prims Magazine.  I made a baseball player and name him Rudy Hiltonen, after my boyfriends father and he made the cover of Prims Magazine Summer 2012 issue (but not my name!).

I’m inspired by clouds in the sky, books and magazines and dreams—during the night and day dreaming!
My eyes play tricks on me.  When looking at pictures, I will see it as something else and will get an idea.  I look at the same picture “up close” and see that it is totally something else (aging eyes!!)

How often do you update your shoppe(s)?   I try to change my items at least twice a month.

Little more from you,
I’ve been published in Stamping & Co.’s, PRIMS Magazine ever since the premier issue in 2010- (except for one).

The latest issue of Prims, Autumn 2014, my 3 Snowpeople made the cover along with my name.

I’ve been a pattern maker since 2007 and currently have over 275.  I haven’t made any new ones since 2010 but am hoping to start again in the near future.  All my epatterns have been on sale for $2 each and will be at least through the end of October.

You can find me at a variety of places.  If you “Like” by Business Facebook page and check “Get Notifications” you will be kept up to date with all my newest creations and sales.  You can also check my blog for updates.  Thank you!

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