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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Now is the PERFECT TIME TO Join Lemon Poppy Seeds

This is the perfect time to try Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace out in time for the fall and holidays – 

There is nowhere else you can have as many as SIX (6) SHOPPES for 1 price and NOBODY does ANYTHING Like this… Lemon Poppy Seeds 

Shoppe are:
Xtreme Prim Shoppe
Pattern Shoppe
Poppy Scent Shoppe
Craft Supply Shoppe
Halloween Shoppe
Christmas Shoppe
Click the button below for all the details. And Look for 2-4-1 Member Special Button.

Past Member of Lemon Poppy Seeds? We invite you to join us once again. Contact DJ for special pricing just for past members.

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