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Monday, June 23, 2014

Meet a Poppy

We want to introduce you to a very talented member of our Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace,  Kynfolk*primitives.  Meet Mary Ramos owner of Kynfolks*primitives ..

Hello my name is Mary Ramos I am a 36 year old married mother of two beautiful daughters I have been with my wonderful husband for twenty years (High school sweethearts). I started sewing by hand at the age of 8 with my mother, by the age of 11 I was making bunny dolls for my mother to sell at work to help with our families finances I remember her giving me a little spending money from each bunny that would sell I remember loving the feeling of others liking my creations, so well that I could hardly help my mother keep up with the bunny doll orders. At the age of 14 my sisters put there money together and bought me my very own first sewing machine for Christmas from there my life was forever changed with the love of sewing  and crating most of all sharing all my creations.
I never really made many primitives until 17 years ago. I was living in a apartment when I looked out the window one day and seen my neighbor lady carrying a funny looking black doll. I was in love from there on out, I asked her where she got it and how much she had pain when she4 told me it was $95.00 dollars I thought she was crazy so I told her I can make dolls like that. Never trying before that night I sat in front of my 1942  singer sewing machine my father in law gave me, (I still use it today). I was up all night and loved how she turned out, I have been making dolls  ever since, for me it’s all about what inspires me through out my life and that’s what comes out in my works. If I pass a old lady with glasses and think she is beautiful I may go home and make a doll that reminds me of her. I love nature everything about it and a lot of times my dolls will reflect my love for all the small thing’s sometimes over looked in life, I love the simple time’s when it didn’t matter what you looked like or if you had a whole in your shirt, as long as you was happy and worked hard that’s what makes life so wonderful. I love for each of my dolls to have there own personality, when you look at them you know what they represent rather it be a mother and child from 1802 or a hard working old farmer with wholes in his shirt and a old wake in his hand.

As for my name Kynfolk Primitives I was inspired by my aunt who was very dear to my heart, she was a old country gall that loved hard work and being with her family. One day when my husband and I was visiting her to help her unload some wood we both popped up from the pile at the same and got the giggles, my husband said you to are crazy and you look just alike also. My aunt replied with we cant help we are just alike it’s because we are kinfolk. As soon as she said kinfolk in her funny little country voice I knew that would be my name forever. And so you have Kynfolk Primitives. I soon after lost my aunt to the good lord but she forever lives on in my name.

I have been selling on lemonpoppyseeds for many years now and love being apart of such talented lady’s. I try to update my shop every month but sometime I may be in a really creative mood and update more.

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