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Friday, February 27, 2015

Do you sell Scents or Supplies? Maybe Halloween Or Christmas Only?

We have some EXCITING NEWS ... Lemon Poppy Seeds is *Now* Offering Special Limited Memberships for Prim Scent Shoppes, Prim Craft Supplies Shoppes and our Poppy Holiday Shoppes for those Prim folks who aren't able to have a Full Membership! If you create Primitive Candles, or offer Primitve Craft Supplies, you could have a Poppy Prim Scent Shoppe or Prim Craft Supplies Shoppes for just $5.00 Per Month; or if you're interested in a Limited Holiday Membership, you could have a Poppy Halloween Shoppe or Poppy Christmas Shoppe for just $10.00 Per Month!
Visit Lemon Poppy Seeds Info Page to find out More and Get Started TODAY!

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