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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lemon Poppy Seeds Poppy Petal Power Award January

Each Month Lemon Poppy Seeds has will have an Interview with our Poppy Petal Power Award Winner. This month's Winner is Denise with Simple Prims

 Denise is a primitives artisan known as Simple Prims or Dee's Simple Prims. She lives with her husband in Richmond Virginia which surrounds her with such rich plentiful history. Being immersed in such a wonderful world surrounded by folk art and antiques really allows her to express that creativity in the work she does. Denise's background in stitching and craft work goes back to her early 20s and works as a foundation to help put her very best in the dolls and crafts she makes. She however is not just a primitives artisan, she is also a primitives collector! She loves just about anything folk art, primitive, and antique. She has been a part of many great communities and met lots of remarkably talented artists from all walks of life!
One very unique and unusual thing about Denise is all her primitives are all hand made. she stitches everything herself. That's right! I
She don't use sewing machines, nor have she ever on primitives she has made and believe me, that's a lot of work! She sands by hand, prim, and paint them all herself. She really put her heart and soul into what she does and she is very thankful to have a family that supports her. Sometimes, it's hard to give them up!
Denise asked to include this note: "I really want to take time and thank all of the wonderful community members at Lemon Poppy Seeds and those who do such hard work to run it. They make it such a wonderful experience selling my work on their website."

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