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Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Poppy Petal Power Award Winner for July! Yes this one is HALLOWEEN!

Look we have a second Poppy Petal Award Winner for the month. Yep most months we have two!  This winner is Em's Prims and you must come by and see her Poppy Halloween Shoppe!

For those of you are new to Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace or have not been by in a while, there are many sub shoppes or Specialty Marketplaces within Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace. The Poppy Halloween Shoppe is one of them.
Crystal creates wonderful and amazing crows as well as other things like beautiful Angels. I love her crows and other winged birds myself. Come by and see for yourself. Free Shipping in the USA unless otherwise noted. Come visit Em's Prims in the Poppy Halloween Shoppes.

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